Legendary ships. Rhi-no


Affiliation: Federation
Class: Fighter
Role: Tackler
Rank: 6


It is believed that the Rhi-no fighter was created in 3894 when a group of imperial engineers in the Vector-Prime system came under the patronage of the rebels and presented the prototype based on the Lynx fighter used by the rebels. The first models were immediately sent to the frontline detachments, where they were used as command ships.


This ship quickly became famous for its speed and resilience. It later consolidated this status after a landmark battle during the Federation Independence War in 3967. At that time, the Rhi-no fighters formed the backbone of the distraction squad, which was to hold off the Imperial reinforcements near the planet TY-4564. The battle lasted several days, as a result of which almost all Empire ships of the Deimos type were severely damaged or destroyed, and the Federation squad lost only one ship. Since then, “Rhi-no” has been called “a ship that can fly through the galaxy unnoticed”.


Currently, the ship is often used by young mercenaries for training and exploration of space and is also awarded to the soldiers of the Armada as a reward for sabotage operations.


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