Legendary ships. Raptor



  • Affiliation: Federation
  • Class: Frigate
  • Role: Engineering
  • Rank: 2


Raptor is the first military frigate created by the Dry Lab Corporation in 3929. For a long time, the corporation’s shipyards had been producing civilian transports, but in 3927 the board of directors decided to cooperate with the Federation of Free Worlds. Thousands of ships were burning in the flames of war and the Federation Council accepted Dry Lab’s offer. Soon, the first DL-1 Raptor frigates were tested and accepted for service. The pace of production was constantly increasing in order to supply all units of the fleet with engineering ships.


The Raptor’s baptism of fire was the massacre near the gas giant GP-32377. The battle lasted for almost forty hours, during which the imperial brigade sustained heavy losses and was forced to retreat. Federation ships were constantly provided with the necessary engineering support, which enabled them to retain their positions during defence. Later, due to their high speed, the frigates provided assistance in the destruction of the retreating enemy ships. The Dry Lab corporation has lived up to the expectations.

After the war, thousands of Raptor-class ships were sent into conservation, where they remain to this day. The remaining combat units are used as training ships and for target practice. Fortunately, it is possible to easily replace the destroyed frigate by “taking a new one from the storage”. The UMC is taking advantage of this by purchasing large quantities of the Raptor ships for its cadets.