Legendary ships. Raptor Mk II




  • Affiliation: Federation
  • Class: Frigate
  • Role: Engineering
  • Rank: 4


The first ships of the Raptor Mk II type appeared in 4489. The ship was destined to become a training vessel for Vanguard pilots. By special order, the Dry Lab corporation modified Raptor frigates that were in preservation. The production of the DL-112 Raptor Mk II continued until the entire Vanguard was frozen in battle with the Planet Eater.


Recently, decommissioned frigates of this modification are being purchased by the UMC. Mercenaries were the first to use Raptor Mk II in combat. Improved onboard electronic equipment is superior to all its analogues installed on other Raptor ships, which has an undeniable impact on combat performance. A small amount of Raptor Mk II is also used by Helion for weapons testing.


Rumour has it that even pirates can purchase Raptor Mk II in the markets of Hermes Block. However, there is no confirmation of this, nor is there any evidence that pirates are using this equipment. The Armada representatives stated that they wouldn’t allow the Vanguard equipment to fall into the hands of looters and bandits. But it’s also worth noting that the regular army has its eye on this small training ship, too.