Legendary ships. Raptor-M




  • Affiliation: Federation
  • Class: Frigate
  • Role: Engineering
  • Rank: 3


Created seven years after Raptor’s introduction, Raptor-M immediately began replacing its ancestor in the main Armada divisions. Despite the similarity of the models, the DL-2 was easier to control, allowing even the most inexperienced pilot to unlock the ship’s full potential.


Despite it has appeared late, Raptor-M was able to take part in some of the Federation of Free Worlds’ most important battles, such as the Battle of Calidon-3, the capture of the Al-Tor system, and the attack on the imperial station “Marble-15”. The Armada command sent new frigates to the best squadrons, from where they got into the fiercest battles.


For a long time, after the end of open war with the Empire, the Dry Lab corporation continued to produce the Raptor-M ships. The Armada suffered heavy losses in ships, and now they needed to be replenished. Over time, these frigates were sent to secondary units and replaced by newer models. Currently, Raptor-M is used for pilot training, and many frigates with dismantled weapons are used for cargo transportation by small entrepreneurs.