Legendary ships. Prometheus


  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Class: Fighter
  • Role: Command
  • Rank: 8


The AK-17 fighter was developed in 4181 based on experience of operating AK-12 ships. Despite the limited experience of imperial engineers in the field of creating ships of this type, Prometheus has received a number of excellent parameters. Also, the ship was very easy to maintain, which was highly appreciated by the Legion’s command.


Prometheus formed the basis of the imperial forces during the Third War for the Bartle sector. These ships have broken the lines of Jericho’s defense, allowing the Legion’s forces to move forward. Thus, when attacking Jericho outpost HTY-5561 in 4192, more than four hundred AK-17 with the support of Deimos fighters completely destroyed the garrison of the base, giving the opportunity to deploy a foothold for further offensive.


However, not quite the right tactics of use resulted in the extremely high losses of this ship. After the end of the War, Prometheus lost the status of the Legion’s main ship. Currently, the AK-17 Prometheus has undergone a number of significant modifications, making it a fully modern ship.