Legendary ships. Neutron


Affiliation: Empire
Class: Interceptor
Role: ECM
Rank: 5


Even before the secret formation of the Free Worlds, the Empire developed the latest ECM interceptor to deal with enemy ships. Due to the shipyards being busy with more promising projects, the release of Neutron was significantly delayed. However, it was still on course to take part in the war.
In 3907, the ship’s production was launched and the first orders of the interceptors were sent to the Legion.


For three decades, mobile units consisting exclusively of Neutron were used as raiders, disrupting the enemy’s supply. Using the latest electronic warfare systems, interceptors cracked down on warships and then destroyed the transporters. Later, the raids were discontinued, and Neutron was transferred to auxiliary units. By the middle of the Third War for the Bartle sector, this ship was considered obsolete and its production was limited to small batches for planetary defence forces of various planets.


Currently, the ship can often be found among beginner mercenaries, as well as in remote sectors of the Empire.


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