Legendary ships. Machete S



Affiliation: Jericho
Class: Fighter
Role: Command
Rank: 6


In the early period of the Third War for the Bartle Sector, Jericho’s army was unable to densely cover all directions of enemy attacks. To protect the controlled territory, in 4233 Technologists developed their own modification of the fleet’s “Machete AE”.


Improved guidance systems allowed precision fire at all distances, complementing the specially designed weapons for the Machete S.
Also, a new Caduceus-type reactor made it possible to significantly increase the range of active modules of the fighter.


Machete S did a great job at first on the defensive, destroying several imperial squadrons sent to capture Technological bases, and then in offensive operations on the Anguilla and Redia sectors.


Currently, the ship is often used by mercenaries for training. Also, individual squads of these fighters are in service with the Junior Families of Jericho.


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