Legendary ships. Katana


Affiliation: Jericho
Class: Fighter
Role: Command
Rank: 7


Despite the superior state of the fleet’s combat units, Jericho still needed new weapons and the Bosco Family embarked on the development of a new fighter. With the help of the Family engineers, in 4201, the first ships of the Katana type left the shipyard. A large number of new fighters made it possible to quickly equip Families with new weapons, increasing their combat capability. Thus the new ship together with Machete AE became the basis of strike force in the fight against Empire.


One of the best operations with the use of Katana is considered to be the attack on “Fort Svarog 3”. Several squadrons easily destroyed the garrison of the fortress.

Later, it was Katana that became the most common ship in the Families’ militia. In addition to Bosco shipyards, this fighter is manufactured under license at Yamato shipyards. The popularity of the fighter was ensured by a good ratio of combat characteristics, affordable price and fairly low cost of ownership.


Currently, mercenaries often use Katana in their operations when operational support is needed in any part of the battle.

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