Legendary ships. Ira Deus



Affiliation: Jericho
Class: Frigate
Role: Long-Range
Rank: 9


The successful actions of the Federation Vanguard against the Jericho prompted the Frontier Family Council to attend to the rearmament of the fleet and soon a new ship was ordered at the shipyards.


In 4417, together with Technologists, the Bosco Family manufactured the torpedo frigate, Ira Deus, deeply modernizing its own Crusader. After several weeks of testing, the first ships of this type replenished the forces of Raid and after a few years, the new frigate almost completely replaced the previously used Templar AE.

In their very first battle, these vessels performed very well, destroying the well-fortified pirate base. Excellent armament allows Ira Deus to easily destroy even large targets, and the latest SE-5-M engines provide excellent mobility.


Currently, the ship is often used by Jericho corporations and mercenaries, and a separate group of Ira Deus is still in service with the Bosco Family.


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