Legendary ships. Hercules



Affiliation: Empire
Class: Fighter
Role: Gunship
Rank: 1


Despite the war with Jericho, the DIrektorium also continued to develop new ships, and in 3520, the GSV75 “Hamelion” was created by scientists. And although it took a sufficient amount of time to prepare for mass production, by 3569 more than 15 individual fleets used this fighter.


It was the GSV75 “Hamelion” that was in service with the 4th Separate Engine Brigade, which carried out the Rebellion of Purity. These ships were able to defeat the elite squads of the Board of Directors, which later allowed to seize power and rebuff the departed. Immediately after the war, these ships were renamed to Hercules, in memory of the Emperor’s personal ship of the same name.


Currently withdrawn from service. Due to the simplicity of control and high reliability, it is used in army training centres for the initial training of pilots of assault squadrons. A number of AK-2 Hercules attack aircraft are still in service with planetary self-defence units.


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