Legendary ships. Harpy


Affiliation: Empire
Class: Frigate
Role: Long-Range
Rank: 2


The long-range frigate Harpy was developed by the scientists of the Direktorium in 3412 and remained in service for a long time. Over time, it was this ship that was chosen as the best overall.


By the start of the war with Jericho, most of the units were guarding the borders of the Direktorium. These ships took upon themselves the first attacks of the Frontier. During the war, Harpy detachments constantly moved from one front to another, where urgent support was required by the main forces. To a great extent, it was these ships that dealt the Jericho fleet the greatest damage.


After the Rise of Purity, Harpy stood under the flags of the Empire and for a long time was the main frigate of the Invincible Legion. Separate detachments of these frigates were in service until the end of the war with the Federation, where they also showed excellent results in the defence of shipyards.


Currently, this ship is completely withdrawn from the fleet and is used by young mercenaries to practice sniper shooting. Harpy can also be found in the self-defence forces of remote sectors, where individual ships have been serving for several centuries. Often everything in these frigates that can break down is replaced, up to small sectors of the hull.


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