Legendary ships. Grizzly


Affiliation: Federation
Class: Frigate
Role: Engineering
Rank: 11


Large transsystem corporations have long required a vessel for maintenance and repair and have joined forces to sponsor the development of a new frigate. The best engineers of the “Outpost” shipyard took part in the development. By the end of 4419, the first models of Grizzly frigates were ready and sent to the largest investors.


Despite the high cost of the frigate, which was nevertheless more than compensated by excellent technical characteristics, the production of the ship went global. Later, the Federation Government placed an order for a large batch of frigates. As soon as possible, the order was fulfilled and dozens of ships were sent to various systems to service the most important Armada stations.


Nowadays, you can often stumble upon a group of shabby and decommissioned Grizzly, run by small merchants and travellers. And even though the price of the old ship is much lower, mercenaries prefer to buy Grizzly directly from the conveyor.

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