Legendary ships. Grim


Affiliation: Empire
Class: Interceptor
Role: ECM
Rank: 8


The first Grim-type interceptor was captured by the Legion back in 4611 while repelling a pirate attack. After the interrogation of the prisoner, the Legion found out that the unknown ship is an artisanal modification of the interceptor Neutron. Grim was built in single copies at the pirate station St. Kitts.


Immediately after discovering the pirate fortress, the Legion launched a massive attack on the fort. As a result of the prolonged assault, St. Kitts failed to defend and the pirates destroyed their own station. Grim’s blueprints were gone in flames.


Sometime later, however, the ship reappeared. In a short time, mercenaries managed to obtain samples of the ship and hand them over to the UMC. At the moment, engineers can recreate an exact copy of Grim for a large amount of money. Moreover, the ship’s protection systems have been significantly improved.


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