Legendary ships. Gargoyle


Affiliation: Empire
Class: Frigate
Role: Long-Range
Rank: 11


For centuries, the Wardens have been protecting the Emperor and he never spared funds for arming the order. The best minds of the Empire gathered in the solar system to develop ships and the best weapons.


Originally created for parades, the Gargoyle frigate quickly grew to be the main defensive ship. Unique features allowed it to surpass Chiron, used by the Order earlier. Links of Gargoyles stood on the outskirts of the Solar System and frigates covered any enemy ships with constant fire of disintegrators. Moreover, the ship was considered divine, because the Emperor’s hand touched its engineers.


Unfortunately, despite the excellent armament and excellent pilots, the order was unable to contain the Alien attack. But mercenaries say that they still see a wing of these frigates in remote sectors. But whether they belong to the Wardens is not known.

Author: kordinator (Alexey Kocheshkov)


Yours truly,
Star Conflict Team

Oh look it’s one of the many ships that’ve been introduced with special events and special crafting resources and then  never permanently re-released. Only what… 7 of them now?

6 hours ago, Deelena said:

Originally created for parades


So… we should definitely have a parade in OS some time (with some custom kind of map so the bots/enemies don’t intrude). Have pilots bring their Gargoyles and they’ll serve their original purpose!

Very nice ship (even if i don’t own it, i still like it) but please fix the market for the ship parts. It’s locked, 60-70 offers for Wolf, Granite, it’s very hard to sell extra parts.

That means fewer players have access to them. And why only 5 offers at once?

Also, please allow us to paint it and the Dart. And make its engine exhaust yellow and the dart’s red! :3

16 hours ago, Deelena said:

But whether they belong to the Wardens is not known.




They do