Legendary ships. Dart


Affiliation: Jericho
Class: Fighter
Role: Command
Rank: 11


Jericho’s Dart command fighter can be equipped with a unique Quantum Railgun kinetic weapon, not only dealing great damage to the enemy, but also accelerating the reloading

of the active command modules of the ship. The special module “Frontal shield”, available only for Dart, covers the ship in battle with an additional protective field, making it virtually invulnerable. The unique active module Harmonic drive increases the chance of dealing critical damage, which greatly increases its combat effectiveness, especially in combination with Valkyrie. And in the case of a critical drawdown of energy, a unique modifier, the Reserve Generator, will help you. The ship’s build options allow you to adapt it to the conditions of skirmishes, missions, or open space.


The Jericho fighter that positively surprised the Family Council, was created by the famous designer Arthur Liu. Dart fully reflects the character of its creator, its form clearly corresponds to the ancient shipbuilding manuscripts, and the weaponry is still considered one of the best.

In the past, after cooperation with the Technologists, the Family had a lot of industrial documentation left. It is not known how, but Arthur Liu was able to convince the hierarchs to transfer the blueprints to him. After a deep modernization of some prototypes, the master created the Frontal Shield and Harmonic Drive. This allowed the ship to remain in battle longer and be the main shock force. This was also facilitated by a new weapon — the Quantum Railgun. Each critical hit significantly accelerated the recharging of modules.

Immediately after testing, a squad of 8 fighters became part of the Raid. Later this squad participated in the attack on the QW-43 Cyber base. During the attack, no ship was hurt, and the Family Council, in order to gain additional profit, handed over the blueprints to the UMC. The mercenaries also highly rate Dart and often use it when it is necessary to storm serious enemy fortifications.

Author: ©kordinator (Alexey Kocheshkov)


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