Legendary ships. Cutter


Affiliation: Jericho
Class: Interceptor
Role: Covert ops
Rank: 12


It is an independent development of Technologists. After careful study of the ships “Sawtooth” and “Blood Tormentor”, a smaller prototype of the reinforced cooler was recreated, which was put on a sufficiently powerful and small engine. In 4612, the project was completed and the first Cutter models were tested.


The result exceeded all expectations. Cutter weapons eat through energy reserves at a tremendous speed, often unavailable to similar interceptors. At the whim of the developers, the design of the ship was very aggressive and defiant. The first opponents to meet “Cutter” were so surprised by the appearance of the interceptor that after the battle they swore that they were attacked by space insects.


Currently, a huge Cutter fleet is in service with the Enclave, and UMC engineers are producing weakened versions due to the lack of complete information about the ship. Attempts to capture the pirate version of the ship ended in failures and the total destruction of the capture team


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