Legendary ships. Black Death



Affiliation: Jericho
Class: Interceptor
Role: ECM
Rank: 3


Preparations for the First Campaign were in full swing when the Yamato Family introduced an improved version of their Dagger interceptor in 3412. In the shortest possible time squadrons consisting entirely of the Black Death type ships were formed.


It was the improved ECM systems that effectively introduced interference into the enemy’s communications systems, for which the ship received the nickname “Signal Interceptor”.


In the early years of the war, Black Death was actively used to intercept retreating ships. Many of Jericho’s opponents were unable to call for reinforcements because of the Black Death pilots. Later almost all squadrons were transferred to the main units of the Raid in order to move more effectively to the central worlds of the Direktorium.

It is still popular, although it is now out of production. However, some Jericho pilots receive Black Death as a reward for successful service. It is said that some award models were created during the Third War for the Bartle Sector.

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