Legendary ships. Axe


Affiliation: Jericho
Class: Fighter
Role: Command
Rank: 1


After the conversion of the Frontier into Jericho, which occurred in 3101, Bartle ordered the complete rearmament of the fleet.


In a short time, the Bosco Family developed a new fighter, designed using previously unused energy shield technologies. The new model quickly replaced Adion, which was used during the Religious Wars. And although the engineers did not use part of the ancient shipbuilding manuscripts, Axe nevertheless reflects the forms of the relic Jericho ark. It was the first in the new line of ships to proclaim the beginning of the era of Jericho. A few years later, the fighter was in service with all families. The fleet was ready to return. During the First War for the Bartle Sector, Axe was used as the main strike ship, due to its technical superiority over the Direktorium’s fleet. Nowadays, it is used to train young pilots and as an attack ship under the control of AI.

Author: ©kordinator (Alexey Kocheshkov)


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