Leagues. Operation “Shining”



Mysterious spatial tunnels leading to various locations of space have been detected in the “Shining” zone. Their research has shown that control over them is a very profitable business since portals lead to resource-rich sectors. 


To control the tunnels you need to capture the beacons in the location to which they are currently tied. 


Mercenary teams have begun an active struggle for resources and control over the wormholes. It turned out that the passage through them blocks high-tech equipment, weapons and ships. Pilots will have to fight on the few available ships that can pass through the protective field of wormholes. The list of banned ships and equipment can be found here.


The fight has begun! Only the strongest teams and the best pilots will be able to control the tunnels and get valuable resources!


Available portals:

  • Eastern portal
  • Western portal
  • Southern portal

In the new locations, battles are fought by the rules of the League.
The old leagues cease to exist.
The Leagues button now leads to new Invasion locations.
The new locations have their own game time - 17-00 UTC.


Star Conflict Team