Leaders of the Artuga pirates. William Kidd



  • Status: Leader of a pirate gang
  • Age: 24 bio - years
  • Origin: ark ship “Shanghai - 32”
  • Character type: sanguine
  • Behavior: quite a positive person, perceives piracy as a way of entertainment, chatty, but overly punctual, smart and intelligent.




As an orphan, William spent most of his childhood on the “Shanghai - 32” ark. Among those as unfortunate as himself, Kidd was considered an incredible dreamer. The boy was fond of reading historical stories about ancient pirates robbing ships on the legendary Earth. It was then that he brightened up with a dream of becoming a pirate. Over time, he managed to gather a group of like-minded people, and their “gang” left the ark. It was after this that William nicknamed himself the captain, leading his small squad. At first, inexperienced robbers deceived travelers and led them to aliens, picking up the cargo afterwards. But the fun did not last long, and the Enclave started to make claims to Captain Kidd’s gang. Fortunately, William was able to negotiate with the Baron, and soon the “St. Rose” gang became a part of the Enclave. However, the very first real attack changed William. Having personally killed most of the personnel of a peaceful station, he changed his mind about good and life. And although Kidd kept the image of a kind person, he turned into a cold-blooded killer inside. Since then, he has worn a mask to hide his face.

How this can be interesting to someone, publishing and opening thread just to write biography about NPC?

If we cannot meet this NPC, nor play against him, his crew, then…where is the point?


Really I don’t understand you people! ![:dntknw:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/dntknw.gif “:dntknw:”)

ok but does this have anything to do with the fact that pirate ecms can CLOAK