Leaders of the Artuga pirates. The Enclave baron



  • Age: 131 bio - years
  • Status: Baron of the Enclave
  • Origin: presumably, the “Tabernacle” Ark
  • Character type: phlegmatic
  • Behavior features: silent, cold weapons enthusiast, hypnotizing speech.




The Baron’s childhood is unknown, but it is said that at the age of eleven he ran away from home and began to live as a pirate. Traveling on a family ship, he attacked trucker convoys, obtaining spare parts and resources. However, each time the raids became more difficult, and the Baron abandoned this business. Soon, in one of the closed systems, he managed to find an abandoned outpost, which became his home. For several years he brought equipment there, turning the small station into a treasury.


Having accumulated enough weapons, he began to experiment, creating unique modifications. And despite the fact that most of them went out of order instantly, he still managed to improve his ship, and then start selling the modifications to mercenaries. However, on his twenty-fifth anniversary, luck turned away from the Baron, and his ship was shot down by a squad of the Legion. The miners found the wrecked frigate and, having pulled out the wounded pirate, took him to the base.


In that battle, the Baron lost his arm, burned by a laser hit. In a short time, he incited the miners to revolt, and they joined him. Considering the Baron’s hobby, the gang chose to hunt ships with unique modifications as their goal. For ten years the Baron had been gathering his army — in a difficult struggle he managed to conquer most of the pirate gangs, who recognized his supremacy. This is how the Enclave was founded.


Developing relations with Jericho, the group grew, and its leader became an increasingly important figure in the shadow business of the border sectors. Sci-Tech Universal organization approached Baron a few months ago with a job offer. Determined to get the most out of the deal, the pirate quickly began to increase his influence in Artuga and eventually began to dictate his terms to the corporation. It was he who gave the order to seize the system and destroy the dissident bands of pirates.


Currently, the Baron commands a massive fleet of over a thousand ships. He also has well-strengthened forts and laboratories, where the best craftsmen of the gang collect unique weapons. It becomes clear that he is not going to stop there, but nobody knows what the Baron plans to do next.

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The Baron


Another Bio!

So, where we can find this NPC in the game?

If you publish his bio, where he is in the game, why he is important if he is unavailable!

Does he drops loots or whatever!!!


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What’s the point? ![:dntknw:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/dntknw.gif “:dntknw:”)

Storytelling mostly ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

so thanks to this guy there are ecms that can  cloak