Leaders of the Artuga pirates. Madame Shea




  • Age: 32 bio - years
  • Status: leader of a pirate gang
  • Origin: Yamato family, “Yamato-1” ark
  • Character type: phlegmatic
  • Features of behavior: despite the outward calmness, is incredibly cruel, puts discipline as one of the means to achieve the goal, almost always ready to personally participate in robberies.


Born in one of the high-ranking families of the Yamato Clan, she was expected to achieve great results, but the child quickly changed everything. Cruel since her childhood, she was ready to kill even her peers, and she personally blew up a class with students during her escape from the academy. After that, she disappeared for ten years, forever disgracing her family. Some time later, she joined one of the Enclave gangs under the command of Edmund Duke. In a short time, she managed to charm the captain and become his wife. This is how Shea became the second most important member of the gang. Leading the most promising raids personally, she quickly gained trust among the pirates. But three years ago, Duke died. They said that Shea ambushed her husband to take his place. However, the rumors soon disappeared, as did those who spread them. The few hundred people remaining in the gang bowed down to Madame Shea. From now on, the pirate gang named after her “put the robbery on a grand scale” and became one of the most dangerous in the Enclave.