leaderboards is gone forever?



been gone months now


you guys said it was a fix to it. it was just shutting down servers to increase income? seems like it. 

They said they are working on them. So they are working on them.

We got in-game leaderboards, so the wait should be easier. 

They will come eventually.

its been months man


my damage done per match is still around 800 000-1.5 million

the previous data shown on leaderboards was correct. there was nothing to work on. “unless healing” or other things. 


it just seems like, lack of players and shutting down servers. yesterday i had a bounch of laggs late at night on russia’s servers. same with my group. for hours. 

Patience is the key.
For issues related to lags, please use the bug report forum.

its been months man


No one but you care about this. Wait as me and Error said.