Leaderboard PVE

notce players entering pve and disconnecting leaving 3 player’s to complete the match.
at the end results shows 4 players with a win for pve this inclueds the one that has disconnected.
notced a player on a few games log in and do this with the name of worstbehaver notced he is number 1 on the weekly leader board is this a bug/ exploit as i can only actuly play 1 to his 5 to 8 wins.
this has made my loook at the stats of the other players of the top ten and can see some of them havent even play 30 mins of game time to even be on the leaderboard with a score of 100+ in the time they have played.
please can u investigate these player as they are clearly bug/ exploiting the game to get the 400 gs each week without playing a single game/ match.

list of player account names that are clealy bug/exploiting the weeklyevent winnings

these are the names displayed on the leader board (Thiis weeks)
worstbehaver  210 points ( over night  now 341)
elacost 154 points
shirong 129 points
riftfox 116 points
taraknanru  107 points
geebee 101 points
mitigator 99 points
note its 1 point per win per pve match at an average pve match of 15 to 20 mintues to complete + loading times of 2 to 3 minutes do the maths and u can see they havent got enough play time to even be near were they are on the board please investigete


can this be explained to me in english as 1 point average game at 15 mins = 5115min/60=85 hours=3.5 days non stop play i make 2 points an hour on pve ? for each point scored for 1 pve match these players are racking 5-6 games.







Sounds like you encountered a feeder macro. If you see someone disconnect and not join back within a few minutes, or sit in the spawn point shooting but not doing anything, right-click their name and report them. We need to expunge the player base of these parasites.

Lol, im amazed. There are some PVE games that take less than others (i would say the fastest you can do one is 6 mins), but thats definately not fast enough to gain so many wins in that time.

i dont think you get what is going on here. they joining game with 1 ship only, disconnecting back at dock removing ship still flashing red and loading another ship doing the same again repetedly. now have some 5 or 6 ships locked disconnected from match. the 3 remaining players are left to struggle to complete the game. at the end  the score board show 0 kill 0 cap 0 assists. ( but the player is listed at the end if its a win he gets 1 point if its a lose then 0. if 10 ships done in this manner then pos 10 wins or 5 if 5 loses. its the only way i can see that these scores are being made i do one full random pve or i pick one they are still doing 6 wins to my 1 completed :frowning: on top getting all the credits and synergy and vouchers and not even played it)


Papitas i agree with you some matches do only take 5 or 6 minutes. ok so let look at this… you form a groupe to do the same pve in 5 minutes plus 3 minutes to load and commence game. another 3 minutes to end. total 11 minutes 5 games an hour into 380 and still increasing that 170 more since this post was made lets do the maths on this 170 wins at 5 an hour  that 34 hours worth in 24 hours ?

AFK farming has always been going on.


It really is disheartening to see cheats at the top of the PVE leaderboard even after they have been repeatedly reported.


Also, Open space is rife with tractors - usually T3+ engineers with drones and automated healing. They’ve even learnt to leave their ship rotating so you can’t push them off the map.


Many of the highest karma ranked pilots do it.


Why bother following the rules when you can park a ship, walk away and kill 24000 aliens in two weeks? -



I understand

So that explains why some people leave PvE immediately. Wow, that’s messed up. Hopefully they get banned.