Lazers too over powered

Please do something about the balancing on the lazes this is getting to be a joke. Talk about camping people sit there and pop you from no where 321 gone.

Also rockets for bots 1 = you killed 5 or 6 of your own to kill them. More balancing needs to be done

actually… laser damage not that crazy, kinda par with railgun and plasma in same duration of atk (without mod counted)… or even seems plasma doin better to shield , while the railgun is more hurt to hull… laser actually just so so…

the one make it so darn powerful is Frigate Sniper ability, it make the damage kinda multiplied by 5 (for T1 laser, not sure higher one) with more Energy comsume and less rate of fire.

actually this happen to any weapon you use to your frigate… but since laser no need “fore-aiming” (aim to the path of flight) , that make it ideal for sniping weapon…

Lazers are not overpowert, like Courina says it is the sniper mode which gives them extra demage and so you need to use your agility to avoid the shots.

1-Just use the environment to your advantage.

2-Never rush

Lasers also have a problem in sniper mode. If the target moves a bit, they are nearly useless against Interceptor and Attack Ship. This way you only need to move a bit and you have the advantage.

IMO railguns are more powerful than lasers.

IMO railguns are more powerful than lasers.

they are, for sniping, imo even higher range in snipe mode

unlike laser, those 2 are spreaded ,shotgun like for railgun and rapid gattling for plasma, make em have higher chance to hit moving target than laser.

so despite laser still best for sniping , cause no need “Fore-aim” and laser damage have no advantage nor disvantage when hit either shield or hull… you still can expect a frigate shotgun you with railgun or rain you with plasma…

not mention as gojira sez, there’s a way make non-laser could work for sniping too

IMO railguns are more powerful than lasers.

as long you found a way to negate the shield, railgun or kinetic plasma could drill your target hull … in very hurt way…

If you use the “anti-mater shell mod” for rail, the knect damage will change to thermal damage.

If you use the “needle p-system mod” for plasma, the emp damage will change to hull damage.

With this you will have a all purpose rail or plasma gun.

im more prefer can carry 2 or 3 weapon like in freelancer… but well… that gonna op hahaha

and i think only all-purposes railgun , as thermal doin same damage on shield and hull… we cant carry 2 plasma type at once rite?

after some games, im pretty sure that range is too great, dmg too… few gunships can destroy nerly everything and even using rock as cover wont help, if not you, they will get someone else. there is no way for balance in this game with so many snipers and snipin ability

like stated above, not the laser is hurt ( long range laser even have lower damage ) , the frigate sniper ability make it pain… seems you havent got hit by thermal railgun eh? it have same range with laser when entering frigate sniper mode

and if you saying the laser from bots hurt… obviously, those bots aim 90% accurate, and i suspect every frigate bot shoot in sniper mode because they not moving when shoot. so expect it darn pain cause sniper mode effect. (and im sure im always heard that faint “clunk” sounds everytime those bot-frigate start shooting…)

total gunship team also bad idea, since generic bots method by spamming unguided missile can make any frigate dead in second cause they cant evade em (as long you on same tier… obviously lower tier interceptor hardly can kill higher tier frigate).

and if you fighter, just cloak then decloak and engange em within less than 2k range, it gonna very hard to aim something moving fast and close around you with laser , especialy while yourself is sitting duck. (except you’re bot… or have damn aim as accurate as bots…). using plasma or railgun better for close combat.