Launcher wont activate the game. [O]

After downloading the game and tryed to press play it didn’t work and didn’t show up on Taskmanager on Tasks and only found on prosess wich doesen’t activate the game. Also another issue after trying to find the games exe file wich miraculously isn’t found among the downloaded file. After searching the games exe file for some time still hadn’t found it and i was thinking if the games downloading system is bugged out. Tryed to downloadit on steam same issue. Tryed differrent web pages or managers also having the same issue.

Sounds like your anti-virus is quarantining the game executable.

Sorry didn’t work :sad:

Still can’t find a way making this game work on my computer.

Was the only idea I had. You might want to contact support about it, maybe they can help (see link at the top).

Can you please add dxdiag file and logs (if they were created, you can find them here: C:\Users***\Documents\My Games\StarConflict\logs) to your original post - we cannot find the problem unless there is more info on it!

The downloading program didn’t save on my user file. Can i send it to you threw email cause i am not unable to fit the log threw your chat system.

Just upload the txt file by selecting more reply options on the lower right of the post, it should have an upload option there. :slight_smile:

Aah there we go.

[Star conflict log…txt](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=6794)