Launcher does not close when clicking play or exit button

Laucher window cannot be closed anymore after recent chinese translation update.


The only way to close it is to kill the launcher process.

Game is working fine, but launcher window is still open.


attached are the launcher log files.


My system is windows 10 english

[](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=17142)

Launcher close button doesn’t work to begin with.

I think it’s more of the devs’ “you can close our game ever or even navigate away from it because snootysnootysnoot.” thing.

We know

yes, have 2 launchers at same time , just close one with right clic button

11 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

We know

There are several bugs with this Gaijin Launcher. Namely, five. I had to uninstall the game and install it from scratch on Steam.


1.) Typo: Checking consistensy… instead of Checking consistency… when switched to English language

2.) Checking Firewall… notification is stuck. It won’t say, Open or Closed or Limited.

3.) Even when ports are all open, allowed and running, whenever you’re using Gaijin Launcher, you will see the message: Connection Limited even when it should say that it’s Open.

4.) Unable to close the Gaijin Launcher application, has to be terminated by Task Manager instead.

5.) Duplicated Gaijin Launcher, even if only started once.