Launcher crashes/downloading trouble

Hello there,


I’ve got some issues with the game launcher when it comes to downloading either the game itself or an update. Here is what happens:


  • A window pops up saying that some files are corrupted. I close it and the launcher keep doing its stuff

  • The “Analysing files” step takes some time (more than one minute)

  • The download starts at a good speed, but it gets slower and slower until the launcher crashes with an exception, sometimes asking me to send a report


I can’t download more than 20 Mb for each try. There’s no log or exception report in My Document’s Star Conflict directory.


I’ve had some trouble with my computer when this bug appeared, but it has been formated since and the game reinstalled.



Thx to whoever will try on this very annoying bug!

Any help is welcome!

Hi Sacha,


Does your Anti-virus have “Live Protection” Sophos products try to pull stuff like this off. So turn off your AV just to test out if it is that. what do you mean you can’t download more then 20MB each try, is it crashing at that point? or your data restricted at that limit per download?


Alternatively can you try downloading on steam?