Launcher: Can't download game.

Hello there, ofc i am new here. And i am new to the game, well so far i am not in game cause i cannot download it. I tried with the launcher from your website, with ARC games (but it brings up the same launcher)


When i star the launcher I get the message “preparing to download… Network OK” and nothing happens. I tried to restart the launcher 100+ times. i always run it as administrator, checked the firewall, antivirus… anything that might cause an issue. 


Added the log file that gets created. 



An idea i would have …is to make the client downloadable @ torrent or direct download… and the latest patches too(as i see i am not the only with this problem)

[2015_05_14_13_02_34__4180.txt](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=9252)

I would recommend you try Steam in the meanwhile.

ok, ill try that now. Thanks. 

OK, downloaded the game @ steam… and i got this error(see attachment)


“Game data is corrupted or out of date”


Got this error as well. I had to backup my game file and disable auto updates on steam.

But i have the game for 2 years now, for fresh installs it won’t work.

So… any ideas how can i fix this and get in the game already? :smiley:

Update: Solved the problem, downloaded the game again with steam… and to be sure i deactivated my antivirus( Kaspersky) tho i dont think this was causing the problem…

Thanks for support :slight_smile:

in your log file. there is the line. 


  0.22 [D]  File D:\Gamez\Star Conflict\star_conflict.yup doesn’t exists

and the line


DownloadYup: Couldn’t download yup, status: 65535


the client is failing to get the yup file from the server.

if you follow the link




and save it in the folder with the launcher as star_conflict.yup

you will get an error message on launchers next launch that some files a corrupt.

it will then download the game.