Later, y'all

In the great tradition of making break/goodbye threads, here’s mine.

I’m currently in the middle of the longest period of time I’ve spent without Star Conflict since I started playing it. And it’s pretty nice, actually. Don’t have to deal with all the “balance issues”, real and fake, the incredibly frustrating internet connection issues I have with the game, or any of the dumb forum stuff. Dunno if I’ll be leaving forever, or just taking a break, but I’m definitely staying away, at least for a little while longer.


Furthering the tradition of airing issues one has with the game when saying goodbye:

I think I’m leaving not because of some “last straw” somewhere, but because the game just hasn’t been terribly fun for me lately. I’m not entirely sure how one fixes that – honestly, it might just be because the folks I used to play with left a while ago, too. Can’t really fix that, no matter how hard one tries.

But I guess I do have two things in particular in mind when complaining: 

The events suck. Daily missions for months on end, where missing one means you can’t get the big reward – sucks. Motivates me to stay away from the game whenever I miss a day, rather than play more. If you want a more in-depth discussion, don’t ask the dude who’s leaving ![:p](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004.png “:p”)

The exclusivity is a drain. Yeah, having new shinies that other people can’t have is nice, but not having new shinies that others do but you won’t be able to get is considerably less nice. Again, motivates me to stop trying, rather than to slam myself headfirst into one of the million grind walls around.


And that’s more or less it. For all y’all still playing, hope you guys have fun. Maybe I’ll see you later.

Did the Long war 2 sucked you right in?

Hey at least you can enjoy the daily login bonus and free items from time to time.

Sucks man.  . I like flying with and against you.

2 hours ago, xKostyan said:

Did the Long war 2 sucked you right in?

A bit ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

You will drown if you move from that island there lol

Good luck IRL may the GG and WP be forever in your favor.

2 hours ago, StatueofLibroty said:

A bit ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)


Mass Effect Andromeda  is coming in a month though ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

I almost did the same… But stuck with it and decided to stay clear of pvp as much as i can. Though, im doing pretty much only pvp at the moment. Until i get Hive. After that i’ll be back to my old way and stick to pve and OS dailies. Soon after, new Ellydium hybrids, or new base faction lines or OS rework, will be there. So, once one of the 2 first option come’s out. Pvp should get more interresting.

I repeat myself, but i wont grind missions in Thar Ga or Vigilante. Easy mode is far from my liking. I even use mk2 modifiers when a regular ship end up being too easy. Taking Thar Ga into the equation.(fighting them with mk2, not using mk2 on…) That would down the little reputation i have aquired.

For exemple, lvl’ing my archdragon was ez as frak. And i’m not even running reverse jump paired with scatter. Used it as an assault frigate, coil rate of fire build and crit cpu’s. Killing TharG’s almost as fast they kill me and r14 dd’s of no consequence, before dmg patches. like 4-6 patch ago.

Same for any ECM i have to lvl up. Recons are a nice challenge to play with, efficiently, when no beacons to cap.

P.S. I do will play my Thar’Ga, when i’ll feel like hunting all of you xD I can never find Kostyan though… Fought him like 2-3 times in 2 years. See you all someday in pvp. If i end up not focusing you, it’s because it’s taking too much time and would be more effective crushing the team. You must all have had those moments where you are digfighting someone and you or he end up giving up and going after some else. Or you dogfight for like 2mins until sopmeone come’s out of the blue and support… Long PS, that was…

1 hour ago, xKostyan said:

Mass Effect Andromeda  is coming in a month though ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

Sweet! But the trilogy is hard to beat…

M8 - sorry for leaving!

Ah - you guys all have Windowse PCs. What should I do on Linux? So only game I play is SC .

Cya Bob-dude :confused:

So wait a minute, you are saying bye, but you already left a few months ago?! o.O

Anyways I always enjoyed flying with you man! You’ll be missed!


forever’s gonna start tonite! vampire music.


See ya! But i’m sure you’ll come back when a major update will come out tho  ![:005j:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/005j.png “:005j:”)