Last Man Standing Tournament


Technical level: 10-17 rank

Game mode: Last Man Standing  

Map: House of the rising sun

Event date: 1st-2nd of February, 20:00 (UTC)

Server: US or EU





1. Registration will be opened at 24th and closed on the 31st of January.

2. There are no teams. 

3. There is no limit on the amount of participants. 

4. The Tournament will be in one stage if the number of players allow.*

5. Friendly fire (team damage) is enabled.

6. Each participant may have up to 4 ships in their roster.

7. The top three pilots with the highest score will get rewards.

8. Scoring is as follows: Effectiveness points + if the pilot finished in the top three ( one of the last three alive, not top three in score).

9. If a pilot finishes in the top three they will get extra points. 500 for 1st place (the surviving player), 300 for 2nd, and 100 for 3rd. THESE POINTS ARE REWARDED BASED ON IF YOU WERE IN THE TOP THREE SURVIVING PILOTS, NOT WHERE YOU FINISHED ON THE SCOREBOARD.  

10. If two players have the same score at the end what place they ended in will be used to decide the tie-breaker. 

11. If a player enter the lobby after 10 minutes they are counted as out of the tournament. 

12. If a player disconnects from the lobby within 1 minute of game start than they can request a rehost. 

13. In the event of a rehost all players must take the same ships.

14. Server location: Server will be picked to best of all players. 

16. Tai’kin and ECM ships are not allowed. 

17. For unsportsmanlike behavior players will receive a warning. For repeated violation the player will be disqualified, lose all rewards.

18. Players who have deserted (or have been banned from) the event may be granted readmission at the discretion of an Administrator.

19. After registration, changing your in-game nickname is forbidden.

20. Decisions made by the Administration of the event regarding any disputable/questionable situations are final.

21. All other rules are stated in the general rules of cyber activities. In any questionable situation event rules have top priority.

 22. This tournament and other ones in the future will use a discord, please join the discord as that is where the tournament admins will be most active, and where rewards will be given out.  


 *If the number of players is more than is allowed in a Last Man Standing custom battle than the tournament will be in two stages. A Group stage and a finals with the top players from the Group stage. 




1st place

Title: Last man standing

White Evolution Bundle

3,000 GS  

2nd place

Title: Last man standing

Red Evolution bundle

1,000 GS

 3rd place

Title: Last man standing 

Blue Evolution Bundle



REGISTRATION: (this should take you directly to the registration channel) 



comradesatan, battlestarsc2, kroniic

White Evolution Pack: Chest with “Pin-up” stickers, Warp Sparkles coating, “500 Galactic Standards, 3 days of Premium License”

Blue Evolution Pack: “Chest of stickers” Shields, Covering “Titan.”, “500 Galactic Standards, 3 days of Premium License”

Red Evolution Pack: "The chest with the stickers “Star”, Cerberus coating, “500 Galactic Standards, 3 days of Premium License”

For clarification of the bundles and what is in them