Last Man Standing! The best improvements (Ideas)





In the latest update of our game world, we introduced the new game mode “Last Man Standing”. Now we are actively working on improving it and fixing the errors that you encountered.

Describe [your idea about an interesting way to connect all current in-game activities (raids, leagues, SecCon etc) and pilot progression to the new mode “Last Man Standing”!](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/38654-last-man-standing-the-best-improvements/)


This thread for Ideas only

ECMs are quite the problem, not only they can use the stasis generator to drive you out of the field, but they also have their F mod which makes them invincible for prolonged periods of time, the time for effects like that should be drastically reduced, and the damage from being outside of the field should bypass any invincibility, it should be white damage, as building kinetic resistances will allow you to survive for longer without much effort, everyone should spawn in a different spot, having 3-5 people spawning in the same area will result in quick deaths and many will not be able to react in time, making the mode more frustrating than it should be, bonuses should be leveled, for example damage pickups give 50% bonus damage each, while resistances only give 5 points, they do stack, but they should be brought more on level.

That’s all I have for now, I’ll add more as I’ll do more games.

Game of one ship tbh. Also - quick loading is a clear advantage. Idea is fine, just needs a refinement. Why the heck it’s not on the Public Test Server?

After ship destruction, i would like to see option to leave battle and still get reward in the end. current spectator mode need some improvement as well ( unable to switch between remaining players and getting kicked bc of inactivity). its nice to have more brawle modes.

Ban singularity.


Permanent invisibility, that doesn’t get broken by taking damage is pretty stupid in a mode, where your only goal is to stay alive.

When you are destroyed before the end of the battle, do not kick the player for inactivity, but allow them to leave the game at any time after spectating without losing rewards.

Since you can only play with one ship, it does not make sense to hold the players in battle.

Since this should connect to other modes, allow the same feature for them too. For Leagues and 4-lives and PvE, if the player dies and cannot respawn, they should be able to leave the battle without penalty.

Ban shield refractor for tai’kin, since the tai’kin can just sit in a corner in the middle and be in top 3 guaranteed that way

Also, DO NOT let the buffs respawn when taken! One can just camp on 1 buff respawn location and get it 7 times or more that way

Ign: Jonagoldz

5 hours ago, Flash0914 said:

Ban singularity.


Permanent invisibility, that doesn’t get broken by taking damage is pretty stupid in a mode, where your only goal is to stay alive.

Idk man, I won 20 or so consecutive matches with an ECM because I could face tank the danger zone longer than anyone else so I think singularity and cloak’in is the least of our concerns rn.

Invisibility is not the problem, it can be easily counter.
‘‘Nullify to effects’’ for when the sphere disappear is the problem, Antisabotage, Quantum Leap, Combat Reboot, Metastasis Field, etc.
Increase the damage by the outer zone by some flat + % hybrid (Kin, Them, and EM at the same time), instead of the current damage which is a %.
Or just reduce all healing in a 90%, reduce or stop energy regeneration, or block modules.

Something that I would like to see, is different maps or concepts, alien zones, ruins, derelics.
I saw REALLY positive the complete use of the 3D environment (Making the 2D map kinda useless), instead of a put everything in just two axis.
Maybe some new sexy voices for announcement.
And some extra time for the match to beggin, maybe some 5 or 10 more seconds (if possible). The time of loading for the map and eveything is really fast (For my crapy config) but saw some people having problems.

There could be added rank system for each win and kill you would level up and get rewards like etc.(monocrystal or credits and more) also there could be added panel that will show you in the match your location if you are within the circle or not .

IGN: Fermen

Aside those things listed above, i’d implement a fine bit of randomness into that mod - every single match , there will be  random 4 ships available to you each match - you can’t argue with that it’s being fair. 

Another idea is AI - not for replacing players, just add them as Npc’s randomly attacking anyone in their reach.


IGN : Oopsie

I agree with everyone especially about ECM ships and invincibility bypassing the area removal damage but here’s my idea:

I think it would be best is to remove player ships completely and have everyone select from a set of predetermined identical ships like the Survival mode but also rotate the available ships every now and then to change things up. Everyone will start the “same” and then it will truly be a battle royale.


Also something not related to the new mode, bring back the abundance of iridium PVE mission missions. It’s a nice addition to doing PVE missions and challenging harder difficulty levels and the iridium gain even if small is quite significant to the costs of researching blueprints.


IGN: SunGear

-Standardize ships so that everyone is using the same model

-The ships start empty with no modules and a basic weapon

-Labeled objects are found hidden around, alone or in clumps, interacting with them installs them or replaces your current item of that type.

  1. Make everyone use one of three prescribed ships - Interceptor, Fighter, Frigate

  2. All ships should start weaponless and with no special or normal modules - the weapons, modules and bonuses should be placed around map and all ships should be able to use all modules, weapons etc… of other classes, but get a debuff from ship size (for example: if you get a Microwarp on a frigate, it should have decreased range and warp speed, and for weapons, just look at Spiral for bigger guns on small ships and smaller guns like Shrapnel cannon should have decreased range on Fighters and Frigates)

  3. Modules should have limited uses and weapons limited ammo, when ammo/uses run out, the weapon/module unequips and cannot be used again

  4. Increase map size to something about 30x30km (the area with something in it)

  5. make the safe area shrink to random locations, so it is sometimes in sector’s center and sometimes somewhere on it’s border


The main things i would like to see are 1 and 2 because at the moment, i think that the brawl is unballanced because someone takes a L14 destroyer, someone L7 ship and i take my Spike and most of the time i end up in highest positions (1-5)

  1. is mainly because someone finds Shrapnel cannons on a fighter and it would be realy OP if the player had overdrive or the command shield thingy (i don’t remember how its called because i don’t play Jericho)

  2. you need to find the modules somewhere… or if you ramkill only, then it can remain the same size ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

  3. I think that players would have to carefully plan their moves if the storm (or whatever you call it) moves in unpredictable way



  1. Make the radar buffs a little more useful.

  2. The hull buffs need to be buffed as it 5 pts per pick up were as everything else is 25-50% buff (not sure about the speed)

  3. As many others have, make the zone damage deal the white damage not kinetic and make abilities that give invincibility ie Metastable less powerful, as right now a ecm can out live everyone outside of the zone

  4. Increase the number of players, I have been getting games with less than 10 players more so than not

  1. fix the bug where some ECM with certain fittings can survive the danger zone forever

  2. since its PvP it should count for PvP missions, e.g. “play x PvP battles on ship” or “kill 20 ships in PvP” and so on. However it should not count into player stats (w/l ratio and such), cause most players lose ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

  3. please improve Spec Ops New Eden. Players are pushed and pulled too much, reduce it. Boss and allied dreadnought are moving way to fast and they move to much distance. In my opinion big ships must be slow in all cases and modes, big ships and bosses which still move very fast is simply ridiculous.


ideas for new modes

  1. A new SecCon mode, only 1 dreadnought in the middle with “last man standing - danger zone” around it, team A is defending, team B is attacking. 2 rounds with switching side are played.

  2. A new type of tournament with danger zone, during the week not at the weekends. And no teams, no free choice of ship class, e.g. Mo. only fighter classes, Tu. only frigates, We. suppressor and so on. There are 4 classes but 5 week days. On 5th day all classes are allowed. Last man standing, 3 rounds. With leader board to see who is best at certain classes.


Scale the protective sphere size with the number of players. It’s hard to hunt down 10 players on that massive map with no radar, but it’s also awful to be crammed in to one tight space with 24 others.

Whenever a player kills a bot in one of the other so-called PvP modes, make it spawn in LMS. This ties together various play modes, ensures the LMS arena becomes even more dangerous over time, and adds bots to a PvP mode that’s dearly lacking them at the moment. win-win-win!

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Simple enough suggestion:

Make the danger zone have an equal time to kill for all ship sizes and ignore invincibility states.

A destroyer takes 4 or 5 seconds to get killed by it, fighters take 8 to 10 seconds and then interceptors can survive indefinitely with module abuse.