Last Man Standing is Garbage

Sorry to say that, but if you really want a last man standing, you should consider a proper match making. a recon against a destroyer is probably not what you are looking for. Also rank 5 against rank 15 also might not be a good idea. how about you at least try to make it a challenge, because I actually love this game. it feels like a challenge and not like a punishment except for this mode. I have just unlocked brawl and if there’s more like its abysmal match making going to happen, I’m happy to call myself cured from being addicted to this game.

Last man standing (and most brawls) do not take in to account ship ranks. If you wish for a more balanced fight, bring better ships I suppose. (or play one of the modes with a functional mm like PvP/skirmish/PvE.



Don’t mean to come off as harsh or anything. That’s just how it’s always been.