Last day! "Star Conflict: Shark. Deluxe edition”



Pilots! New packs “Star Conflict: Shark” and “Star Conflict: Shark. Deluxe edition” are now available in the official project’s store. “Star Conflict: Shark. Deluxe edition” pack will be available for a limited time until October 18.




Star Conflict - Shark. Deluxe edition

This pack includes

  • Upgraded pirate modification of the rank 15 “Shark” fighter


Additionally, the pilot receives:

  • Permanent credit earnings bonus +10%
  • Paint “Pistons”
  • Unique patterns “Titan” and “Cerberus”
  • 10 special stickers “Black label”
  • Unique portrait “Jimmy the Shark”


Additionally, the pilot receives the modules:

  • Weapon “Ion emitter”
  • Thermal energy burner
  • “Horizon” Module
  • Crystal Plates
  • Reinforced beams
  • Improved charge algorithms
  • Passive armor
  • “Kappa” EM beam
  • “Valkyrie” system
  • “Aegis” system
  • Gravi-scanner


Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 90 days!