Last chance! “VIP Ze'Ta bundle” will be removed from sale starting January 31




The bundle “Star Conflict: Evolution Destroyer. VIP” will be available to players only until January 31!


The bundle includes:


The starter configuration of the “Ellydium” destroyer Ze’Ta 

  • “Ellydium” destroyer weapon: “Kai” fission launcher 12 Mk.5 
  • “Ellydium” destroyer weapon: “Kai” fission launcher 17 Mk.5 
  • Active module Swarm control 14 Mk.4” 
  • Active module Swarm control 17 Mk.4” 


  • “Ellydium corporation”
  • “Crystal DNA”
  • “Ellydium skull”

Additionally, the pilot receives:

  • Active destroyer module “Photon emitter” 13 Mk.4 
  • Active destroyer module “Photon emitter” 17 Mk.4 
  • Active destroyer module “Gravitational lens” 14 Mk.4
  • Active destroyer module “Gravitational Lens” 17 Mk.4
  • Active destroyer module “Pyro Emitter” 14 Mk.4 
  • Active destroyer module “Teleportation sphere” 13 Mk.4 
  • Active destroyer module “Signal router” 13 Mk.4  
  • Destroyer kinetic weapon “Coilgun” 14 Mk.5  
  • Destroyer kinetic weapon “Coilgun” 17 Mk.5  
  • Destroyer EM weapon “G’Thar’Du Cannon”13 Mk.5  
  • Destroyer EM weapon “G’Thar’Du Cannon” 17 Mk.5  

A special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — 10,000 galactic standards!