Last chance to purchase the ships Superkite and Desert Eagle



Pilots! Superkite and Desert Eagle ships will become unavailable for purchase as part of the bundles from October 12 - make sure to purchase the bundles with them with a discount! The ships themselves will still be available in the game.


Star Conflict - Superkite

  • Unique interceptor ‘Superkite’ (Rank 6 Federation);
  • ‘Money Bag’ 5000 Galactic Standards.


Star Conflict - Desert Eagle

  • Unique rank 9 Empire fighter ‘Desert Eagle’;
  • ‘Money Bag’ 5000 Galactic Standards.


Also, the “Galaxy Explorer” pack, which additionally includes the bonus to the “Galaxy Explorer” pack, will also be withdrawn from sale:

  • Permanent 10% bonus to credits and experience gain;
  • “Personal Storage” Get the maximum warehouse space for modules and weapons;
  • “Elite stickers” Collection of 5 luxury stickers for your ships;
  • Unique patterns “Titan” and “Cerberus”.