Last chance to purchase the ships from the “Elite Pilot” pack



Pilots! Wasp, Priest Bartle, Dragonfly, and Bear ships will become unavailable for purchase as part of the bundles from June 3 - make sure to purchase the bundles with them with a 60% discount! The ships themselves will still be available in the game.


Star Conflict - Wasp

  • Unique Empire interceptor ‘Wasp’ 6 rank;
  • ‘Money Bag’ 5000 Galactic Standards.

Star Conflict - Priest Bartle

  • Unique frigate ‘Priest Bartle’ (Rank 6, Jericho);
  • ‘Money Bag’ 5000 Galactic Standards.

Star Conflict - Dragonfly

  • Unique fighter ‘Dragonfly’ (Rank 9 Jericho);
  • ‘Money Bag’ 7500 Galactic Standards.

Star Conflict - Bear

  • Unique rank 9 Federation fighter ‘Bear’;
  • ‘Money Bag’ 7500 Galactic Standards.


Also, the “Elite Pilot” pack, which additionally includes the bonus to the “Elite Pilot” pack, will also be withdrawn from sale:

  • Permanent 10% bonus to credits and synergy gain;
  • “Personal Storage” Get the maximum warehouse space for modules and weapons;
  • “Elite stickers” Collection of 10 luxury stickers for your ships;
  • Unique patterns “Titan” and “Cerberus”.