Last chance to purchase the Razor ship



Pilots! Razor ship will become unavailable for purchase as part of the bundles from August 25 - make sure to purchase the bundles with them with a 60% discount! The ship themselves will still be available in the game.


Star Conflict - Razor

  • Unique fighter ‘Razor’ (Rank 6 Jericho);
  • ‘Mercenary Contract’ — 15 days of premium subscription…


The unique project of a fighter combining an unconventional propulsion system and a neural matrix on synapse conductors. Increased range of tackler modules allows you to engage in an effective fight at a distance not available to other tacklers of similar rank. Additional reserve of durability and agility also makes the ship a serious threat to enemy interceptors.


Premium license gives all pilots greater rewards for the battle. Pilots receiving premium licences from the command master new ships faster due to increased rates of synergy in battle. And when the battle ends, pilots with a premium license have two trophy search attempts —- which means that the chance of getting new, unique equipment is higher!


When buying multiple DLC, bonuses to credits and synergy gain are stacked.

Together, they provide an even greater bonus! At the same time, premium time also stacks as does the sum of Galactic Standards!