Last chance to purchase the Gungnir ship



Pilots! Gungnirship will become unavailable for purchase as part of the bundles from November 23 - make sure to purchase the bundles with them with a 60% discount! The ship themselves will still be available in the game.


Star Conflict - Gungnir

  • Long-range Empire frigate “Gungnir”
  • Premium license for 30 days


The newest long-range frigate Gungnir just left Sparta shipyard. With excellent characteristics, it has become a great addition to the smaller Imperial fleet.


As we know, Spartan scientists studied the ruins of the Warden outpost in the Felony system for a long time. It was the secret projects of the Order of Emperor that allowed them to complete the development in the shortest possible time. One of the features of Gungnir was the ability to land on various objects for the purpose of firing its disintegrator. This powerful weapon shoots at the target twice and leaves no chance of survival.