Last chance to purchase DLC “Star Conflict — Nyx”


Pilots! The “Star Conflict — Nyx” bundle will become unavailable from October 15 — make sure to get it in with a 60% discount!


This pack includes

  • Unique fighter ‘Nyx’ (Rank 9 Jericho);
  • ‘Fire Wave’ — 30 days of premium subscription.

This unique ship was first manufactured at the plant ‘Ambrosia-VII’. Mysterious Miss Summer promised to award it to her mercenaries for a series of operations. However, as it turned out, she was not going to fulfill the promise. ‘Nyx’ was actually meant for pirates controlled by Summer.


Pirates participated in the development of the ship, involving engineers and ‘designers’:

  • Additional modification slot allows to better customize the ship for your needs.
  • 3 shield modification slots make this ship one of the toughest interceptors at rank 9.
  • Additional 6% of critical hit and excellent bonuses allow the ship to perform its main objective — destroy the enemy!

Tech used in this ship has nothing to do with any other development in the history of mankind. We can only guess what force is behind this incredible machine.