Last chance. The elite smuggler bundle is available until March 6!



Pilots! “Elite Smuggler Bundle” will be removed from sale in the in-game store from March 6! Do not miss the last chance to get unique colouring schemes!


“Elite Smuggler Bundle” is an improved version of the Smuggler Bundle that contains a set of colouring schemes, including a unique pattern “Golden Dragon” for your ship! 




The pattern “Golden Dragon” was designed for those who want to show off their special status. 


Colouring schemes:

  • “Golden Dragon”
  • “Invasion”
  • “Gzhel”
  • “Desert Camo 1”
  • “Summer camo 1”
  • “Desert Camo 3”
  • “Metallic”
  • “Snow 2”
  • “Snow 1”
  • “Ice Crystal”
  • “Iceberg”

Star Conflict Team