"Lasers's Trackers"

It could be just a Delay issue, because i’m playing from Brazil, but that Laser “tracker” (I don’t if “tracker” is the word, u know? that White-Circle-“Croshair” ) but, if I shot in the marker, my target dont take Damage, i have to antecipate his movements, and shot in nobody, not eeven in the marker, and the target takes damage. get it ?

Which ping do you have when playing?

how do I see ?

I think it was on F12.

300 ~ 400 =/

300 ~ 400 =/

I think this is the reason for your problem.

but with other weapons its okay.

This sounds strange. So you dont have any lags or other connection problems?

By the way I will move this post to internet connection.

I dont have lags, only the casual delay, (about 0,5 secs) but with lasers, its hard to make the shot, that white choshair seems a little desynchronized

At the moment there is nothing I can do, so we need to wait until this is forwarded to the devs.

yea my ping is 200, i have similar issues, just aim slightly ahead of the cursor, seems to work for me

Happens to me too, and i have about 100 ms

sorry guys, but its nice to hear this :fed004:

its not only me

i think the problem relates to lasers dealing damage only when its beam is focused “long enough”, but then again i have the same ping problems too, so i’m not sure.

i think this problem related with the “Sniper Mode Limitation” thread in Graphic… but yea… lags prolly count too…

A bit Off Topic, but is that a Freelancer screenshot in your signature?

yup. i’m pretty certain it’s an Anubis(i think it’s on Cambridge, but i’m not sure). try to use PMs next time though.

anyway, turns out my ping is only about 200. YAY