Lasers Descriptions

All the ‘economical’ lasers’ descriptions say ‘Reduced rate of firing’, but the ROF isn’t lower, instead the RADIUS is lower.

1.Linguistically, it should be ‘Reduced Rate of Fire’ instead of ‘Reduced Rate of Firing’

2.In my opinion the radius should be lowered, since we can assume that less power usage leads to shorter range. However the ROF should be lowered aswel, like the description says. Otherwise we just get overpowered lasers.

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well… idk if that intentional or not from the dev, but if you check all laser tech in 3rd tech tree, all of the laser passives and upgrade talk about more range and more damage , with cost more energy usage… which often pretty ridiculus…

so yea… i think laser really intended to be sniper weapon, very far and very hurt, but hard to use for close confine…

I agree, it should be used on ships that use cloaking for example and can’t get into the fight quickly. However the ‘economical’ laser uses less energy, so to balance the skill I think the range should indeed be a little smaller, but also the fire rate. The damage increase on higher tiers are fine in my opinion.

still… in my opinion … compared to Hail Plasma / Railgun… economy laser still using too much energy… especialy the middle tree which mostly for railguns have tech to reduce energy usage…