lag spikes stole my loot

Look, I KNOW that lag happens. It’s a permanent part of the internet.

BUT, if you have the game coded to put someone back in the main dock if they get disconnected then the least you can do

is set the code up so that it saves their loot. How hard can it be? It saved my synergy. The loot should’ve been saved as well.


I’m fairly new to the game. I’ve been playing 3 weeks or so now and I am starting to catch on and enjoy myself.

I’ve finally developed a strategy for going after the cybers solo and manage to survive. So after an hour or two

out killing and collecting loot I’d like to reap the benefits of the effort.

That doesn’t happen when you try to jump and get disconnected by lag spikes.

That doesn’t happen when you are trying to fly and you get lag jumped back to the same spot repeatedly.

That doesn’t happen when the loot disappears.

The game stops being fun at that point.


Please, code it so a disconnect doesn’t rob the players.

I lost a needed resource today. Just 1 crystal shard. The first one I ever found. Gone. Poof.

It’s happened twice today and I have suffered lag disconnects a few times before.


Maybe this is on purpose. Maybe this is to prevent people from logging off and getting auto returned to base.

If it is, it’s wrong.

There is enough grind in the game already. Try joining a group and running triangulation 10 times in a row.

THAT’S a grind. Btw, that code needs looked at. It should NEVER do that. But it did. And does.

Like maybe if the ships had reasonable cargo holds rather than the wimpy small spaces they currently have.

Forcing boring grind flying like you do is ridiculous. I feel sorry for the frigate pilots.

Until I started this post I hadn’t considered logging off to get back.

Despite a brief bit of server load, what else would be so wrong with that?

Oh, that’s right, we’d have more fun because loots would get delivered faster and 1/2 of the grind would disappear.


A disconnect should not penalize a player.

It should not steal what the player has fought and won as a well earned reward.

It should not take the resources we need.


I almost forgot this part.

The first spike happened as I tried to jump.

It gave me the message I had been disconnected.

Upon reconnect it said I had died in battle.

I was NOT in battle. I was simply attempting to return to base and save my loot.


The second spike disconnect was as I approached a jump gate. Again I was NOT not in combat.

This 1 didn’t tell me I was in combat but it did tell me it was a server disconnect.


Please fix this soon.




My ammo for the main gun and my missiles had to be re-installed.

Both slots were empty after this last disconnect.

What happens is that you disconnect, and while you are trying to rejoin, the NPC killed you. It is a pain, but it happens.


If you want to avoid that, use the mail drones to send loot to the hangar. It is faster than going in and out every time. There is a map somewhere in the forum with all the drone positions in all gates.

[How to create bug reports](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25328-how-to-create-bug-reports/)