Lack of choice R6/R9

By accepting the fact that every ship should be available,

that having a premium should not be a condition to win,

and that in each tier, the higher rank is always better :


In each tier at max rank, we can’t choose every role. In my opinion, we should be able to choose every ship role in rank 6 and 9.


Now, we have :


Rank 6 :

  • 2 recon, 1 covert ops, 1 ECM

  • 1 gunship, 1 tackler, 1 command

  • 2 engineering, 2 sniper, 0 guard


Rank 9 :

  • 2 ECM, 1 covert ops, 0 recon

  • 2 command, 1 gunship, 0 tackler

  • 1 engineering, 2 guard, 1 sniper


In the case of the tackler R9, it is worst : We can’t buy one with credits in rank 9, but there are two tanklers available in premium. I tnik we need one tackler R9 buyable with creds.

+1. I don’t mind having to cross-train to get a particular role at each tier, but having none available at all is a bit poor. Given how each faction has 2 of one and 1 of another role available for each type and tier, it should be easy enough to shuffle them around a bit so there’s one of every role at every rank. For example:

empire: R4 recon, R5 ecm, R6 recon
federation: R4 covops, R5 recon, R6 covops
jericho: R4 ecm, R5 covops, R6 ecm



not having my R9 tackler saddens me.


the only 2 tacklers available at tech3 are :

Fed R7 Silent Fox : slower then the fed R9 gunship (and tacklers only relies on speed)

Jericho R8 Katana AE : even slower T_T


tip : bring back the Wold MkII as R9, put Tiger as R10 and make him back the base step to get both Tigers ? :stuck_out_tongue:

oman i luv that crus type q