Anyone got any tips for building  a Kraken?


I’m thinking of going for a fast build with three engine slots (because none of the other lrfs have that). 

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I might make a kraken guide later, but for now-


Kraken Torpedo (good for kills, the disintegrator is actually worse than yout think) positron build

1/3/0/2/3 OR 0/3/0/3/3 OR 1/2/0/3/3, the first one being the most dps dealing. Forget the maneuverability or whatever you were talkign about.

fit 1 cooler, 2 acceleration coils, 1 discharger, 1 crystal plate, 1 galvanized, 1 guidance, 1 horizon and 1 IR scanner

Positron cannon, green ammo, torps, mines can be effective too, but in 1v1 torps are the best and you can just launch a torp at an aiming lrf and say goodbye, you can help this with launching guided F torpedo as well. Use your main weap as the main damage dealer, focus inties buzzing or fighters. Federation engies can be an easy target as well. Don’t fight destroyers. use standard implant setup with R2 range and R6 bullet speed, everything for damage. Also, get the fed rate of fire implant, it decreases the charge up time and you get a chance of firing double projectiles dealing a lot of damage.

there are more builds, for example deathray BD style kraken with more damage or coil destroyer nightmare, sometimes mass driver can be good against inties too, but positrons are best for kills if you still want to enjoy this game anyhow. Once you get the skill you will easily get 15 kills per battle. Will provie screens later.

Actually Mauler is better then Kraken IMO. 

The shield Booster low cooldown, combined with cooldown reduction (tachyon and reverse thrusters) helps a lot.


And Guided top is better then Disintegrator in the current meta (guns > snipe) 

Even better, you can do some fancy stuff with reverse thruster, EM scattering shield and torp/Guided top combined. 


If you master the 4 seconds delay of reverse, you can even reverse when under attack AND retaliate with an instant torp/guided top on their face. 

Dont forget, that the Mauler will also receive a significant damage and resist buff, since it is a r13 ship. Also, the low rank damage buffs are total bs and should be removed.

mauler is a great roam lrf, but thats why you have horizon on kraken. I know that shooting inties 4-5k range is very difficult, but once you master that, its always better the stay back, above or below the enemy, make them come to you. Also, you can choose the cooldown as well I think on kraken, and also the damage bonus is very good too. at that point the advantage would be having more hull than shield (which is in my opinion always best) and choosing your passives. Mauler is best used with something like mass driver or coil mortar imo.

On 30.1.2017 at 9:04 PM, Iapetus92330 said:

Anyone got any tips for building  a Kraken?


I’m thinking of going for a fast build with three engine  – its an slots (because none of the other lrfs have that). 

The official development is: make any old ships useless – there is sellout going on: destroyers are expensive but useless, officila development decided to nerf them to the bottom of oblivion…

Go on and build a special project ship: it will leave you with unuseable ship and loss of many monocrystals… go on! Its policy: to get the players depleted of valuables for unknown … there is tyranny…

Kraken may just be the best long range frigate in the game that can be crafted, the mauler is bought so i dont count him in the equation. This is how i play my kraken, many will disagree and i know why so let it be ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)




Here’s my stealthy positron cannon build. Contents of hull slots may vary; thermal instead of kinetic is usually better when going against other LRFs, and regenerative coating isn’t horribly wrong option.


I’ve also used a medium range high crit beam cannon build, but showing that too would require a refit, so no.