Kraken - Long Range Frigate Sniper can still cause friendly thermal damage with the disintegrator

Bug report: Affected Game Modes: (PvP, PvE, Co-op, Open Space, Special Operation, Dreadnought Battles, Leagues)



What happened?

Secret Project ship - Kraken (Empire Rank 15 Long Range Sniper Frigate) can still deal ‘friendly fire’ damage with the disintegrator. The negative effect is also applied to each shot.

This can happen under Station Protection in Open Space or in battle.

This can cause a friendly kill or fratricide.


What should have happened?

Allies should not receive any debuffs or damage at all.


Affected special modules: Legion’s disintegrator, Warden’s disintegrator.


How to replicate this bug?

  • Undock in Open Space with Rank 15 Kraken (refit once so that you can switch Legion’s and Warden’s disintegrator)

  • Undock with someone with enabled station protection in a ship. (he can also be in the same group)

  • Use both special modules (notice a bug - thermal damage and negative effects/debuffs applying on a protected target or your ally in a group)