Kirishima turning off special module

Kirishima released today and I immediately have something I would like to change about it.

I think that the special module works fine as it is with 15 seconds uptime and 30 seconds cooldown afterwards, but my problem is if you press the special module key again after activation then the module turns off. If you are in battle and NEED the Diffusions Shield to survive and try to spam the key you just disable it again and this happend a few time in a battle to me and I don’t understand why this is a mechanic. Yes sure you can get into cooldown faster and you don’t “loose” energy if teammates get damage, but I think it is worse to accidentally disable the module right after activating it (and die). I hope that this can be changed in the future.

I agree with this. It should honestly be the case for more modules, like interceptor cloak modules, micro warp, and others. Too many times I’ll be in a crunch and need to use a module as soon as it comes off cooldown, but it’ll register two button presses and turn itself off immediately. 

Perhaps there should be like a 2 sec cooldown before being able to disable it. No one would ever want to disable it in 2 seconds after activation.