Kinetic Supercharger Projectile Speed Bug

So I am currently using a Caltrop which is a Jericho Rank 15 Interceptor.


I refitted the ship and tailored it for raw speed. I reached a maximum speed of 597 with my afterburners, I fired the kinetic superchargers and to my surprise I kept shooting myself.


So the projectile speed was around 4,300 m/s when I noticed the issue and thought “Hang on, my projectile speed is far faster than the speed of my ship so why is it exploding on myself?”

I altered my crew perks to buff the projectile speed to 5,600 m/s and the same thing happened again. This is a bug/error as the maths just simply doesn’t add up. I could perfectly understand why I’d be shooting myself if the projectile speed was set to 596 or less however this is not the case. Please get this issue fixed.