Kinetic Supercharger multiple damage bugs

  • The Raw Data

The weapon as on the ship (no relevant implants, no modules, ammunition, boosters, anything):


Damage on target (guard, no implants):

  • 0 kinetic resistance:

  • Problem 1 - Projectile damage vs Cloud damage

Listed damage: 556

Expected damage: 695 (+25% for frigate bonus damage)

Actual damage: 973.70

What happens is the first tick of the cloud damage always gets added to the weapon damage instantly. In other words, you cannot hit lower than listed damage + one tick of cloud damage. So effectively your nominal damage is much higher than listed even on moving targets.

  • Problem 2 - Damage type shrapnel cloud

As seen from the raw data, the projectile is meant to deal kinetic explosion damage whereas the shrapnel cloud deals normal kinetic damage. However, since the first tick of the shrapnel cloud is added directly to the projectile’s damage, it is turned into explosive damage as well. Given the Armadillo implant this means that potentially the first tick of cloud damage is -15% lower than expected.

  • Problem 3 - Damage type shrapnel cloud under sustained fire

Under sustained fire all cloud damage is explosive damage (due to the shrapnel cloud not stacking and thus immediately getting canceled by the next shot), meaning potentially all cloud damage is -15% lower.

Interesting, I always wondered why I was having around 800 and 900 damage hits and supposed that I had luck with my enemy resistences.


But it seems not.

is that why i die so fast from this weapon, i rarely use it myself but people said it was good. all i do is checking fps and critical chance/ projectile speed, things like that. 


always wondered why i died so fast from this on ecm’s, explains alot. 

I use them with the Spirit as it has 2 slots for the Over Horizon it can reach out and touch quite a distance. 


Anybody know why this Supercharger seems to be restricted for use only by ECM’s  ?

Because ECMs are cheap and they need a cheap weapon with long range, fast bullet speed, and annoying sounds. Fits pefect for an ECM, specially the annoying part.

Anybody know why this Supercharger seems to be restricted for use only by ECM’s  ?


Probably for the same reason only Tacklers can mount GraviBeamers and Slowing Field Missiles and only Engineers can mount the Eclipse launcher. It somehow fits into how the developers envision their role on the battlefield.


Either that or it’s restricted to ECMs for the same reason Minefields were restricted to LRFs… it would be a nightmare if every single interceptor could mount them and probably break the game.


@Residente: I know your pain.


[On Topic]


That first bug explains why my Guard can be solo’d by an ECM. Now envision a pack of 3 of the little beasties with the same weapon, hammering you while they rotate their stuns. Absolute Nightmare.